Datuk Sumut’s Charming Nature Tourism

Datuk Sumut’s Charming Nature Tourism

Datuk Nature Tourism is a popular tourist spot in North Sumatra. This unique beach with a very beautiful natural panorama is able to attract the attention of domestic travelers.

Datuk Nature Tourism itself is the longest beach reclamation on the island of Sumatra. There are many unique rides that you can use here.

  1. Overview of Datuk Nature Tourism

Datuk Nature Tourism or commonly known as Datuk Beach is quite attention-grabbing among travelers.

The area that is always crowded with visitors, especially this weekend, has a lot of uniqueness, you know. The reason is that on the beach, which is transformed in such a way with the addition of various rides, you can enjoy it, which is suitable for you to visit with your beloved family or relatives.

The location is very easy to get to. You can even access the path using Google Maps.

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Datuk Beach is the pride of the people of Batu Bara Regency. Even the addition of some facilities is still being done.

  1. Location and route to Datuk Nature Tourism

Datuk Beach is located at Kwala Indah, Sei Suka, Batu Bara Regency, North Sumatra Province. With fairly good track conditions, the journey to get there will not be felt. It takes about 1 hour 30 minutes of travel that you have to travel or about 45 km.

Well, if you depart from Tebing Tinggi Station, head to Jalan Soekarno-Hatta. Then after approximately 20 km afterward, turn left until you enter the Access Road. Just follow the directions listed to the location.

  1. Entrance tickets and facilities at Datuk Nature Tourism

Of course, to enter a tourist spot, you need an entrance ticket that must be purchased.

Just like other tourist attractions, Datuk Nature Tourism also has an entrance ticket at a very cheap price. Enough to pay Rp. 10 thousand, you can explore all the corners of the area

  1. Interesting things in Datuk Nature Tourism
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This place is indeed quite interesting to visit. For example, you can see the sunset on the beach. You can enjoy the beauty of the sunset in the afternoon, of course with adequate weather conditions, yes.

In addition, there are many interesting places or spots that have been modified in such a way. The photo spots are also instagramable and up to date.

There is also a swimming pool that you can use if you want to swim. Not only that, there is an Indian village called Apache Camp which is very unique.

  1. Some of the activities you can do at Datuk Nature Tourism

With many unique places in Datuk Nature Tourism, of course it provides a different experience when visiting it. You can do various activities, including:

  1. Swim

Of course, visiting the beach is incomplete if you don’t do swimming activities. Yes, when at Datuk Nature Tourism, you can swim on the beach. The water is quite clean and the waves are calm, you know.

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There is a pool there, of course, you can also make the best of it. If you are tired of swimming at the beach, you can swim in the pool there. Fun, right?

  1. Sports

Swimming can also be included in the sports category. But the sport here is more specific, you know. You can do jogging, playing volleyball, or trekking through the mangrove forest there.

The air in Datuk Nature Tourism is quite cool and clean. Doing some sports activities there will help you to feel relaxed. Of course, apart from traveling, you can also get a healthy body.

  1. Take pictures

The availability of many instagramable spots, will certainly please tourists who like photography. You can take pictures with unique background spots and upload them to social media.

Of course, your beautiful photos will beautify your social media feed, right? Don’t forget to share with some of your friends, ready to know they are interested in coming